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Shop online for all your energy efficiency upgrades
for your home, office buildings, HOAs, schools,
churches, rentals, hotels, shopping malls, B&Bs,
senior housing, and apartment complexes and
cash back
PACE - Property Assessed Clean Energy funds
100% financing to residential and commercial
property owners for energy efficiency, renewable
energy and water conservation improvements.
Financing is repayable over a 20 year term through
your property tax bill and is tax deductible.
Envelope and Insulation
Ensure that your home or building
envelope is sealed tight. Add or
replace insulation in the roof, walls
and floors to slow the transfer of heat.
HVAC Systems
Upgrade your heating and cooling
systems to maximize efficiency.
Properly seal cracks and leaks,
upgrade air filtration and insulate
your ducting and air flow systems.
Lighting Systems
Skylights, solar tubes, window film,
lighting retrofits and occupancy
sensors can reduce energy demand.
Water Systems
Replace or upgrade water heating
and cooling systems. Replace grass
and irrigation, use grey-water
systems to reduce water demand.
Renewable Energy
Solar PV systems and solar thermal
systems for pools offer enormous
returns on investments.
Windows and Doors
Replace old door and windows.
Adding double pane windows and
efficient doors can stop leaks and
help reduce sound.
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