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Shop online for                       and drought tolerant
plants, cactus, trees and landscaping quarry rocks
and stones for your home, HOA, senior housing,
vacation rentals, churches, hotels, B&Bs, office
buildings and apartment complexes.
Grass is one of the most water-intensive
plants. Its high water use and frequent
maintenance make it expensive and
time-consuming The average residential
customer spends about 60% of their
water on outdoor irrigation. By changing
to                      and drought tolerant
plants you can save water and money.

To help with turf removal projects,
rebates are available for $2.00 or more
per square foot of turf removed.  This
increased turf removal rebate is being
provided in response to California's  
emergency drought declaration.
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California Governor Orders Mandatory
Water Restrictions – April, 2015

California Gov. Jerry Brown ordered
officials to impose statewide mandatory
water restrictions for the first time in
history. The order calls on local water
agencies to implement tiered water
pricing that charges higher rates as
more water is used and requires
agricultural users to report more water
use information to state regulators. The
move will affect residents, businesses,
farmers and other users.