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Shop online for all your energy efficiency needs for your home,
office building, HOAs, senior housing, hotels, B&Bs, schools,
churches and apartment complexes and get
cash back
How can I upgrade my home’s energy
efficiency without breaking the bank?
Energy upgrades can bring long-term rewards
but some upgrades require some considerable
upfront investments. That’s why local utilities
offer a range of rebates and incentives
designed to put energy upgrades within reach
of the most homeowners.

Combine Rebates to Maximize Savings
When Michael and Paula wanted to increase
the comfort in their home, they elected to
perform energy upgrades that were eligible for a

This included:
Completely sealing their ducts
Installing a high-efficiency furnace
Replacing their traditional water heater for a
Tankless water heater
Upgrading to all new Energy Star appliances
Replacing under-cabinet lighting to LEDs

“The house is total sealed in the attic. It looks
like a space station up there.” – Paula
Energ Upgrade
Ends December 31, 2015
Attic Insulation
2015 ENERGY STAR® Certified Natural Gas Furnaces

Cold Vending Machine Controls
Cooling Systems
Efficient Electric Storage Water Heaters
Natural Gas Storage Water Heater
Natural Gas Tankless Water Heaters
Instantaneous Tankless Water Heaters - Tiers I and II
High Performance Dual Pane Windows
Low Flow Showerhead
Pool Heater
Variable Speed Pool Pump and Motor
Wall Insulation
Pipe Insulation -  Hot Water and Steam
Tank Insulation

Available to property owners and managers of existing
multifamily apartment dwelling units and in common areas of
residential apartment buildings, mobile-home parks and
condominium complexes.
Interior and Exterior Light Fixtures
Interior Hardwired Fluorescent Fixtures
Reflector Screw In CFLs
Terminal Air Conditioners
LED Pool and Spa Lights
Commercial Clothes Washer