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Shop online for all your water
conservation needs. Low flow toilets,
showerheads, sprinklers, and pool
pumps for homes, office buildings,
rentals, senior housing, hospitals,
schools, colleges, gyms, churches,
vacation rentals, HOAs, golf courses,
apartment complexes, hotels, B&Bs and
homeless shelters and get
cash back
Swimming pools and spas use energy to
pump water into the pool, heat the water,
run filtration systems and water features.
To significantly reduce the energy
consumed, install a variable speed pool
pump and solar thermal to heat the pool
more efficienty.

The largest amount of water used inside
your home--30%--goes toward flushing
the toilet. High efficiency toilets use 20%
less water. In just one year you can save
over 8,000 gallons!

Installing a low flow showerhead means
less water and energy is needed to heat
the water. Save 350lbs. of carbon dioxide
and $150.

Almost 15% of water used goes to doing
laundry. An energy efficient washer uses
less water to do the same amount of
laundry, saving 14 gallons a day, or more
than 75,000 gallons over the washer's
H2O Water Saver
H2O Water Saver
Water Fun 4 Kids
The Water Family
Water Fun 4 Kids is a fun interactive website
that teaches kids how to conserve water with
games and experiments. Also includes a study
zone for kids and teachers.

                              -  Play this fun online water
conservation game.
Check your city for lawn buy back programs,
low flow toilet exchange and our
Grass is one of the most water intensive
plants. Its high water use and frequent
maintenance make it time-consuming and
expensive. The average residential customer
spends about 60% of their water on outdoor
irrigation. By replacing with artificial turf or
drought tolerant plants you can save water
and money.

SoCal Water$mart recommended rotating
nozzles direct uniform water distribution to
your landscape.

To help with turf removal projects, rebates
are available for $2.00 or more per square
foot of turf removed.
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