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National Wind Technology Center
NREL's National Wind Technology Center
(NWTC) is the nation's premier wind
energy technology research facility. The
NWTC advances the development of
innovative land-based and offshore wind
energy technologies through its research
and testing facilities. Researchers draw
on years of experience and their wealth of
expertise in fluid dynamics and structural
testing to also advance marine and
hydrokinetic water power technologies. At
the NWTC researchers work side-by-side
with industry partners to develop new
technologies that can compete in the
global market and to increase system
reliability and reduce costs.

The NWTC is also home to NREL's
Distributed Energy Resources Test
Facility (DERTF). The DERTF is a
working laboratory for interconnection
and systems integration testing. This
state-of-the-art facility includes
generation, storage, and interconnection
technologies as well as electric power
system equipment capable of simulating a
real-world electric system.

The center is the first facility in the United
States with a controllable grid interface
test system that has fault simulation
capabilities and allows manufacturers and
system operators to conduct the tests
required for certification in a controlled
laboratory environment. It is the only
system in the world that is fully integrated
with two dynamometers and has the
capacity to extend that integration to
turbines in the field and to a matrix of
electronic and mechanical storage
devices, all of which are located within
close proximity on the same site.